Established in 1983, BAKPAU A1 has since been known as the pioneer of making traditional steamed bun in all of Indonesia. As an abundantly experienced family owned business, it practices the art of making steamed bun through an excellent recipe handed down by the older generations.

The variety selection of flavors inside the bun, which could be either savory or sweet alongside with the secret recipe of the infamous steamed bun lies in the finest ingredients and best quality of flour that contains no preservation. It has tradition, quality, character and most importantly it has superb taste. BAKPAU A1 which also offers you a wide range of products such as traditional cakes, pastries, snack, classic bread and cookies, employs a highly motivated, skilled and a disciplined professional workforce. Great services, high quality and healthy ingredients are the foundation of this prestige shop.

With its freshly made everyday steamed bun, BAKPAU A1 promises to serve you nothing but the best in every possible way whilst making its way in bringing delight and harmony to your home, office or special event with custom creation.